Industry Licensing-Environmentally Relevant Activity (ERA)

A business that conducts any of the following activities requires a licence with Council.

  • Asphalt Manufacturing.
  • Plastic Product Manufacturing (50t or more of plastic products/yr; or 5t or more of foam, composite plastics or rigid fibre-reinforced plastics/yr).
  • Metal Forming (10000t or more/yr).
  • Metal Recovery (less than 100t/day; or more than 100t/day or 10000t/yr).
  • Surface Coating (anodising, electroplating, enamelling or galvanising using 1t to 100t of surface coating materials in a year).
  • Boat Maintenance or Repair.
  • Waste Incineration and Thermal Treatment.

A full list of ERAs can be found in Schedule 2 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 (PDF).

For further information visit Council's toolbox on ERA. If after viewing this website more information is required, contact Council's customer service centre.