Business and COVID-19

COVID Information for Business 

The four pillars of reducing transmission, as have been since the beginning of the pandemic are:  

  1. Physical distancing and masks
  2. Hand Hygiene
  3. Respiratory Hygiene (i.e cough or sneeze into your elbow)
  4. Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection

Importantly, if you or your staff have symptoms, please stay home. (and get tested if you are able to either by PCR or a Rapid Antigen Test)

Respond Global  have prepared some the following documents containing the key health messages in relation to reducing transmission and managing COVID in your workplace:

To contain the spread there are also other initiatives related to ventilation and filtration systems.  The best option for ventilation is allowing fresh air to circulate wherever possible.


One of the recommended approaches to manage COVID in the workplace is for the use of Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) to allow for quick identification of infected staff to slow the spread of COVID.  However, as you all would be aware the national shortage of RAT’s is making this a very difficult task. Noosa Council have teamed up with Respond Global to manage the very limited supply of RAT’s for our local community. Respond Global have a limited supply and will work with providing RAT’s on  a priority basis, and on a User pays basis.  Please click on the button below to order tests.  It is expected that supply of RAT’s will improve in early February.  In the meantime, we suggest that businesses create a plan for a surveillance approach for staff in preparation for the increase in RAT supply. No one is entirely confident of the peak of Omicron variant and the advice is to maintain these public health messages for the foreseeable future and to plan for workforce RAT testing.

Order RAT's here

In the meantime, PCR testing is still available.  For testing locations visit, Queensland Health  

COVID information for employers: 

Other COVID Information:  

Business Support Panel 

Our panel of Business Specialists are available to support local businesses with up to two hours of free advice.  If you are grappling with the new vaccination  rules in relation to staff issues and communication, panellists who can help include: 
•    Tammy from Grange Consulting for HR Guidance, and
•    Kristy from MOTO, regarding COVID and vaccinations communications support.

There are also a range of other specialists available -  whether you need social media support, go online or just chat to someone about your current business challenges, there'll be someone to support you.   Includes specialists in Marketing, Business Strategy, HR and the Arts

Business Support Panel 

If you are in need of immediate financial counselling or support, please call Scott at Biz Whiz Business Solutions - 5391-9300 or Email Scott here.  This is a fully subsidised service offered by Noosa Council.  

The following resources/posters may be helpful for you in complying with the COVID Safe requirements:

For display at a prominent location for your customers



Information and Resources

  • Looking after your own health is paramount during such times, especially your mental health.  Programs below offer mental health support. 

    Small Business Mental Health - Support services and resources that offer business and mental health advice and assistance. 

    B Well and Prosper Program  -  A website to discover Wellbeing & Mental Health tools, resources, programs and information to support Sunshine Coast small business owners and employees. Visit B_Well & Prosper for more information.

    Beyond Blue provides immediate mental health services.  Talk through any anxiety you may be experiencing with a trained mental health professional.  Call 1 300 224 636.

    Workout videos -  Look after your mental health by participating in these exercise videos brought to you by the Noosa Aquatic Centre & Leisure Centre, including Yoga, Fitbarre and Pilates.

    Boost Your Healthy - The Queensland Government has launched Boost Your Healthy, a series of online videos and tips turning backyards into gyms and using Queensland’s sporting greats as personal trainers and motivators.

    Department of Employment, Small Business and Training - EMERALD offers you personalised coaching and high-quality learning modules that arm you with strategies proven by the latest science to support wellbeing.


  • The Australian Government has released a Continuing your business guide, created in acknowledgement of the devastating effects on business from the recent Australian bushfires and coronavirus. It provides information on positive steps to help keep a business operating, including reaching out to customers and protecting a business.

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