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Noosa Shire Council

Awarded Tenders Awarded Tenders

All tenders awarded by Noosa Council are listed below.

Contract Name Contract No. Contract Value Contract Start Contract End Options to Extend Successful Tenderer
Cleaning of Public Open Space and Amenities 1617T113 Group 1 to Group 5 - $1,039,010 per annum Sep 2017 Aug 2020 3x 12 months
  • Grp 1-4 - Total Building Maintenance Qld
  • Grp 2 - IM Tattersall & KM Tattersall
  • Grp 3 - Just Tha Clena Pty Ltd
  • Grp 5 - Laguna Contracting Services
Permit for the Commercial Use of Community Land 1718E013 NA Sep 2017 Jun 2020 NA Beach Massage - Amanda Obara
Permit for the Community Activation of Lot 5 Lower Mill Road, Cooroy 1617E131 NA Sep 2017 Aug 2018 2x 12 months Cooroy Farmers and Artisans Market Pty Ltd
Alert Flood Warning Stations 1617T111 $227,390 Jul
Sep 2017 NA ALS Hydrographics
Sunshine Beach Skate Park Upgrade 1617T061 $419,094 Jul
Sep 2017 NA Concrete Stateparks Pty Ltd
Permit for the Commercial Use of Community Land 1617E119 NA Jul
Jun 2020 NA
  • Learn to Surf Noosa Main Beach West 1 – Surf Skills Pty Ltd t/as Learn to Surf Noosa
  • Learn to Surf Noosa Main Beach West 2 – Go Ride A Wave Pty Ltd t/as Noosa Surf Lessons and Go Ride a Wave
  • Kayak Hire and Tours Noosa Main Beach West – Surf Skill Pty Ltd t/as Noosa Ocean Kayak Tours and Hires
  • Beach Hire Equipment Main Beach – Dorajar Pty Ltd t/as Noosa Beach Surf Hire
  • Beach Hire Equipment Noosa Main Beach West - Go Ride A Wave Pty Ltd t/as Noosa Surf Lessons and Go Ride a Wave
  • Snacks and Drinks Refreshment Noosa Spit – David Draper t/as Spit Beach Snacks
  • Surf Dancing (between rockwalls) – Surfdancer Pty Ltd t/as Surfdancer
  • Kite Surfing Lessons Noosa River Mouth & Burgess Creek South to Peregian Beach – Tarr’s Enterprices Pty Ltd t/as Adventure Sports Kitesurf Australia
  • Settlers Cove Jetty Water Taxi – Wilschke Discretionary Trust t/as Gondolas of Noosa Pty Ltd
Cleaning of Council Buildings & Faciliities 1617T097 $125,918 excluding consumables Jul
Jun 2018 3x 12 months

Portions 1 & 3 - Ecovist Pty Ltd

Portion 2 - Laguna Contracting Services

Kinmond Creek Road - Sandy Creek Eastern Branch Culvert and Road Reconstruction 1617T112 $1,761,906 Jul
Dec 2017 N/A Carruthers Contracting Pty Ltd
Noosa River Holiday Park Management Agreement 1516T078 Percentage of earned revenue Jun 2017 May 2020 1x 12 months Anvera Pty Ltd t/as Dineen Tourism Management
Design & Construction of Peregian Beach Digital Hub Building & Carpark 1617T059 $3,000,207 Mar 2017 Nov 2017 N/A J Hutchinson Pty Ltd t/as Hutchinson Builders
RPQS for the Supply of Asphalt, Bituminous and Quarry Materials 1516T009 Schedule of Rates Nov 2015 Nov 2018 2x 12 months
  • Allen's Asphalt Pty Ltd
  • Allen Co Quarries Pty Ltd
  • Boral Resources (QLD) Pty Ltd
  • Downer EDI Pty Ltd t/as Works Infrastructure
  • Kenilworth River Sand
  • Neilsens Quality Gravels Pty Ltd
  • Tropic Asphalts Pty Ltd t/as Tropic Asphalts
RPQS for the Supply and Delivery of Premix Concrete 1516T013 Schedule of Rates Nov 2015 Nov 2018 3x 12 months
  • Boral Resources (QLD) Pty Ltd
  • Cordwells Concrete
  • Noosa Minimix
Thomas Street, Noosaville - Culvert Reconstruction 1617T048 $529,887 Apr 2017 Jun 2017 N/A GCE Contractors Pty Ltd
Noosa Library Service Cleaning Contract 1516T102 $444,988 Jan 2017 Jan 2020 3x 12 months Ecovist Pty Ltd
Banking Services 1516T104 $1,000,000 Jan 2017 Dec 2022 2x 24 months Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Rufous Street, Rufous Laneway & David Low Way Peregian Beach Roadworks & Landscaping 1617T057 $845,700 Jan 2017 Apr 2017 N/A Shadforth's Pty ltd
Waste Management Contract 2017-2024 1516T043 $46,000,000 Sept 2017 Aug 2024

1x 24 months 


1x 12 months

Cleanaway Pty Ltd
Munna Point Foreshore Rehabilitation Stage 2 1617T012 $263,737 Jan 2017 Apr 2017 N/A Rimlex Pty Ltd t/as Nabis Dredging
Street Sweeping Services for Noosa Council LBNA04 Schedule of Rates Oct 2016 Oct 2018 2x 12 months Environmental Wastewater Catchment Services t/as Enviro Sweep
Electric Buses Lease 1516T067 $131,200 Apr 2017 Sept 2017 N/A AHG International Pty Ltd (AHGI) t/as Higer Bus & Coach
Road Resurfacing 1617T029 Schedule of Rates Sept 2016 Sept 2017 1x 12 months
  • Portion A - Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd
  • Portion B - Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd & Allroad Surfaces Pty Ltd
  • Portion C - Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd
ICT Managed Services 1516T108 $1,210,266 Jan 2017 Dec 2020 1x 12 months

Nexon Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

Maintenance and Servicing of Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) Systems 1516T089 Schedule of Rates Sept 2016 Sept 2017 4x 12 months

Gealy's Air-conditioning and Refrigeration

Registered Pre-Qualified Supplier (RPQS) Arrangement for Hire of Plant and Operators 1516T079 Schedule of Rates Aug 2016 Jul 2018 1x 12 months
  • ACE Rental
  • All Slopes Remote Control Mowing
  • Allcott Hire Pty Ltd
  • Amanda Sims
  • Anmel Cherrypicker Hire
  • Asphalt Innovations Pty Ltd
  • Bebrok Excavations Pty Ltd
  • Boardman Sand and Gravel Pty Ltd
  • Bonnell Brothers Pty Ltd
  • Boom Logistics Ltd
  • BS & AF Dixon
  • Cleanaway
  • Coates Hire
  • Conplant Pty Ltd
  • Cooloola Excavations Pty Ltd
  • Crejae Excavations
  • Earth 2 Turf
  • Earthland Group Pty Ltd
  • Ensbey Earthmoving
  • Enviro Sweep
  • EWP Hire Pty Ltd
  • Ezyquip Hire Pty Ltd
  • Fishys Earthmoving
  • Fraser Earthworks Pty Ltd
  • Graham Russell
  • Hastings Deering (Aust) Ltd
  • HTD Australia
  • I.B.S. Excavations
  • Integra Contracting Pty Ltd
  • Jet Vac Excavations
  • Kelly's Bobcat Hire
  • Kenilworth River Sand Pty Ltd
  • Kennards Hire Pty Ltd
  • John Langfeldt Earthmoving Services
  • Lonie Earthmoving
  • Mike Trace Engineering Sales and Services Pty Ltd
  • Master Hire Pty Ltd
  • McGarrell Earthworks
  • Pavitt Earthmoving
  • Peter Dennehy and Sons Earthmoving Pty Ltd
  • PowerClear Pty Ltd
  • Quality Plant Hire
  • Aquatic Weed Harvester Australia
  • Rosmech Sales and Service Pty Ltd
  • Bulk Granite Haulage
  • DG Posi-Trak Mulching
  • Sherrin Rentals Pty Ltd
  • Shovlin Plant Hire (Australia)
  • Smart Earthworks
  • Sniffers Plant Hire Pty Ltd
  • Stabilised Pavements of Australia Pty Ltd
  • Super Vax Pty ltd
  • Suttons Cleaning Service Qld Pty Ltd
  • Voight Contracting Pty Ltd
Mowing, Slashing and Vegetation Control Services 1516T103 (under LBNA03) Schedule of Rates Aug 2016 Jul 2018 2x 12 months
  • Portion A -
    APG Group Pty Ltd
  • Portion B -
    Not Awarded
Liquid Waste Collection Services for Noosa Shire Council LBNA01 Schedule of Rates Jun 2016 Jun 2018 2x 12 months Sutton’s Cleaning Services
Registered Pre-Qualified Supplier (RPQS) Arrangement for the Supply of Parks and Natural Areas Tree Goods and Services  516T002 Schedule of Rates May 2016 May 2017 3x 12 months
  • Active Tree Services
  • All Aspects Tree Services (Qld)
  • Arbor Australis Consulting
  • Austspray Environmental Weed Control
  • Barung Landcare
  • Boyds Bay Landscape & Environment
  • Branch Creek Tree Services
  • Consult Arborist
  • Frenkenscapes
  • James Dewitt GDE Tree Solutions
  • Jatia Steve’s Tree Cutting
  • Jay’s Tree Worx
  • Powerclear
  • River City Garden & Lawn
  • RST Systems
  • Sunshine Tree Surgery
  • The Landscape Construction Company
  • The Palm Guys
  • Tree Solutions Australia
  • Treesafe Australia
  • Trelville – Aspect Contractors
Noosa North Shore Campground – Consulting Services 1516T030 $97,531 Apr 2016 Jun 2016 NA Colliers International Pty Ltd
Cooroy Belli Creek Road Slip Repair 1516T040

Schedule of Rates

Feb 2016 May 2016 NA SGQ Pty Ltd
Construction of Bus Stop Upgrades (Intermediates) – Civil Works 1516Q062 $276,033.79 Feb 2016 Apr 2016 3 weeks Trelville Pty Ltd t/as Aspect Contractors
Natural Areas Bushland Regeneration 1516T014 Schedule of Rates Feb 2016 Jan 2018 2x 12 months Zone 1 – Noosa & District Landcare Group Inc.
Zone 2 – Bushland Conservation Management Pty Ltd
Road Resurfacing and Rehabilitation 1516T004 Schedule of Rates Nov 2015 Mar 2016 NA Portion A & B – Allroad Surfaces Pty Ltd
Portion C – RPQ Spray Seal Pty Ltd
Portion D – Not Awarded
Dr Pages and Kinmond Creek Road Construction Upgrade 1516T017 $5,125,813 Oct 2015 Apr 2016 NA Shadforth’s Civil Pty Ltd
Noosa River Flood Study 1516T004 $96,916 Sep 2015 Mar 2015 NA WMA Water Pty Ltd
Refurbishment of Noosa Community Care Facility 1415T019 $224,737.82 Jun 2015 Aug 2015 NA Midson Construction Qld Pty Ltd
Munna Point Bridge Rehabilitation - Design & Construct 1415T036 $2,739,418 Jul 2015 Mar 2016 NA Marine and Civil Maintenance Pty Ltd
Sale of Recovered Metals & Batteries 1415T003 $276,863 Jul 2015 Jun 2017 2x 12 months Country Metal Recyclers
Daintree Estate Flood Mitigation 1415T008 $1,116,558 May 015 Aug 2015 NA Hutchinson Builders Pty Ltd
Wallace Park Shared Pathway 1415Q020 $318,040 Mar 2015 Jun 2015 NA Carruthers Contracting
Bus Stop Upgrades – Supply & Installation of Bus Shelters 1415T018 $359,035 Mar 2015 Jun 2015 NA Noosa Engineering & Crane Hire Pty Ltd
Bus Stop Upgrades - Civil Works 1415T017 $340,220 Mar 2015 Jun 2015 NA Aspect Contactors
TIDDS – Concrete Pathway Program 1415Q021 $310,000 Mar 2015 Jun 2015 NA NA Queensland Concrete Constructions
Construction of Eumundi Road Landfill Bio Basin & Upgrades to High Efficiency Sedimentation Basin 1415T006 $840,512 (ex GST) Jan 2015 Jun 2015 NA SGQ Pty Ltd
Permit for Commercial Use of Community Land 1314E012          
Lease of Tait Duke Cottage 1314E005 $80,000 NA 10yrs from lease start date NA Rotary Club of Noosa & United Synergies
Boreen Point Campground: Management Agreement 1314T001 $231,000 Apr 2014 Apr 2017 2 x 12 months Crimmins Enterprises Pty Ltd
Pavement Marking Services 1314T004 Schedule of rates Jul 2014 Jun 2016 2 x 12 months The Cook Family Trust t/as Suncoast Roadmarking
Traffic Control Services 1314T006 Schedule of rates Jul 2014 Jun 2016 2 x 12 months Aaction Traffic Control Pty Ltd



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