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Noosa Shire Council

As Constructed Stormwater Search As Constructed Stormwater Search

Self Help Service - no fees apply

You can now access council's interactive maps and search for information on a number of council assets, including the locations of stormwater assets within the region.

Note: By viewing this map you have agreed to Noosa Council's Terms of Use of this mapping system. Please be patient as maps may take up to 30 seconds to load due to the large amount of interactive data.

Stormwater Searches

You can obtain a copy of the As Constructed information for council-owned infrastructure by completing the online As Constructed Search request. As Constructed Stormwater searches cost $31.35. This fee is non refundable. Please allow two business days from receipt of application. 

Alternatively contact council's customer service centre for more information before making an application.

Please note: If your request is located within a gated community, the infrastructure is not captured as it is privately owned. Please refer to the body corporate of the property for more information.

Property Search Request

Complete the online property search request if you need information about internal services on your property. Fees apply.

Note: Unitywater is the contact for all water and wastewater queries, including As Constructed plans.

Dial Before You Dig (DBYD)

Dial Before You Dig is the national referral service for information on underground infrastructure such as the location of any underground pipes & cables.

Contact DBYD when and where you plan to dig. They pass that information on to the underground utility owners and will respond directly to you with Council’s stormwater and telecommunication location information.

This service is available to anyone who is intending to begin underground digging work.