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Phone survey to measure community's satisfaction with Council

Noosa Council will conduct a phone survey to gauge residents’ satisfaction with the service Council provides.

Executive Manager Deb Iezzi said residents’ feedback would help Council to improve.

“The results will help us to improve the delivery of services to the community and allow us to compare our performance against that of other local governments,” Ms Iezzi said.

Noosa Council delivers a wide range of services, from waste and rubbish collection to road and natural areas maintenance and the provision of community facilities, to name a few.

Market Facts Pty Ltd will conduct the survey of 400 residents.

“It will start Thursday, 27 April and take about one-and-a-half weeks to reach everyone,” Ms Iezzi said.

“There is no obligation to take part, but Council would certainly appreciate residents’ participation if they do receive a call.

“The feedback we receive will help make sure we’re providing the best service we can for our customers – the residents of Noosa Shire.”

21 April 2017