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Have a say on tackling climate change

Council is preparing a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Plan (CHAP) to help Noosa plan for long-term climate change impacts.

Climate change is already affecting Australian communities, and will likely have long term implications for Noosa Shire and its residents and businesses. Council is therefore inviting the community to help shape the Plan.

The CHAP will detail how Noosa Council and the community will look to adapt to potential impacts such as rising sea levels, coastal erosion, increased frequency and intensity of severe storm events and flooding.

Project Officer Grant Hinner said the CHAP was a crucial part of Council’s long term planning as it provides Council with an informed view of any potential climate-related risks before they are most likely to occur.

“We welcome residents’ ideas as to the sorts of things we could do to help build resilience to future changes to the climate, such as more extreme weather events,” he said.

“Residents can also share their thoughts via email and post,” Mr Hinner said.

“While it may be some time before we see any climate change-related impacts, it's important we begin taking proactive steps to better understand and plan for climate-related changes.”

Council secured $490,000 to develop the CHAP over the next two years through the Queensland Department of Environment & Heritage Protection’s QCoast2100 program, which the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) administers.

For more information, visit Council's YourSay Noosa website where you can express your interest in the project via the online survey. You can also submit your ideas via email or post them to PO Box 141, Tewantin, QLD 4565.

13 April 2017